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New Food Guide Pyramid
by Dr. David Williams

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently unveiled its redesigned Food Guide Pyramid. Now, consumers can choose from 12 pyramids that calculate daily diet needs based on age, activity and gender.

The new symbol, MyPyramid, displays a figure climbing stairs to emphasize the need for daily exercise.

"Every single American can find a pyramid that is right for them," says Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns, who announced the new program with fitness guru Denise Austin.

MyPyramid is a triangle divided by six vertical colored bands representing different food groups. Food portions are shown by the different widths of the wedges with grains (orange) being the largest; followed by dairy (blue); vegetables (green); fruits (red); meat and beans (purple); and fats, sugar and salt (yellow). The actual portions of each food group each person should eat on a daily basis to maintain their weight depends on age, gender and the amount of daily activity.

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