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Create Healthy Eating Habits in Children
by Dr. David Williams

Step 1 - Be Good Role Model

Children tend to pick up the habits of their parents. That means adults need to evaluate their eating habits and make sure that they are setting a good nutritional example for their young children. This does not mean we have to ban all the fun foods we love. Teach your children moderation, not restriction. If children watch parents make healthy choices, chances are they will as well.

Step 2 - Plan Ahead

In addition to three well-balanced meals, keep fun and healthy snacks with you. Hunger often promotes bad food choices. Prepare snack bags with whole-grain crackers, carrots, sliced fruit or your child's favorite nutritious snacks before you leave the house. Teach children the value of small meals and healthy snacks so they will grow up with tools necessary to make healthy food choices as an adult.

Step 3 - Make Food Adventurous and Creative

It is important to open up your child's nutritional choices by offering them variety in the foods they eat. A great way to introduce new foods is to allow them to pick which foods they want to try. At the grocery store, choose three new foods you would like your child to try and let them pick which of the three they want. Have them join you in preparing the new food, allowing them to become a part of the activity.

Step 4 - Get Moving

Proper nutritional habits are one part of the puzzle. If kids are not active they will still be missing an essential element to good health. Help motivate your children to get outside and play by getting into the activity with them; play catch, freeze tag, a game of basketball or just take a walk together. When they become involved in games or active play, fitness is not something they dread, but a fun activity they will enjoy.

If you have any questions regarding fitness and wellness, please feel free to contact me at (817) 648-6999.

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