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Weight Training Quiz
by Dr. David Williams

Answer True or False

1. If a woman lifts weights she will develop bulky muscles and look masculine.

2. If you lift weights you will lose flexibility.

3. The best way to get rid of fat around your stomach is to do sit ups.

4. Muscle turns to fat when you stop lifting weights.

5. If kids lift weights, it will stunt their growth.

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1. False — Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for building muscle. Both men and women have testosterone. Males have greater potential to increase muscle size because they have 6-10 times the level of testosterone than females. Women can gain muscle and significantly increase strength with a weight training program, but they will not look like the "Hulk" after prolonged weight training.

2. False — A flexibility program combined with weight training is more effective than a flexibility program alone. You will feel "tight" after lifting weights, but with continued stretching you will actually become more flexible.

3. False — This spot reducing theory has been proven false. Recently, researchers examined tennis players who hit balls a thousand times a day with their right arms. Results revealed absolutely no difference in the amount of fat measured in the right arms compared to the left. Performing a strengthening exercise for a muscle will not burn fat in that area. Fat is lost through cardiovascular exercise and dietary manipulation.

4. False — Fat cannot be turned to muscle and muscle into fat. With weight training, muscle size increases (hypertrophies) and levels of fat decrease because you are burning more calories. If weight training is stopped, muscles will become smaller (atrophy) because of disuse. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain fat.

5. False — Researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that prepubescent strength training is safe and will not harm developing bones. Strength training has been shown to improve children's strength, endurance, speed, power and self-esteem.

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