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How to Get Rid of Your Fat
by Dr. David Williams

Abdominal exercises such as sit ups and crunches do not get rid of fat around the waist. You can perform thousands of sit ups every day and not burn any fat. Sit ups are considered an anaerobic exercise; anaerobic exercises use carbohydrates as an energy source, not fat. Abdominal exercises will make you stronger, help prevent pain, and improve core stability.

There are three ways to decrease body fat:

  • aerobic exercise — perform a type of cardiovascular exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, bi king, step aerobics) at least 20 minutes
  • dietary manipulation — cut out the fatty foods and simple carbohydrates
  • liposuction — works, but not recommended!

There are many benefits of abdominal exercises, but burning fat is not one of them .

If you have any questions regarding fitness and wellness, please feel free to contact me at (817) 648-6999.

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