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Balance Tip 1
by Dr. David Williams

How does balance work?

In order for you to have balance your body requires three types of sensory information: vision, your body's internal sense of spatial orientation, and your inner ear.

Your vision provides information about your surroundings and yourself in those surroundings. Spatial orientation allows you to know where/how your body is moving but without the use of vision. Your inner ear has fluid that tells your brain and eyes critical information concerning your head movements.

These three systems working together with your muscles keep you moving and prevent falls. That is called balance.

Balance changes can occur when posture changes or muscle strength diminishes or flexibility is limited or endurance is decreased or you have a chronic disease. Balance is part of our daily lives yet we rarely are conscious of it. Balance is a skill that almost all of us can keep through out our lives. Even when there is a deterioration of balance associated with aging, it can be improved. Our bodies can be retrained and balance can be altered.  

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